How to choose a kitchen small pedestal sink and a sink for the bathroom?


small Pedestal Sink

Small pedestal sink for the kitchen along with a stove and refrigerator is the most frequently used items in the kitchen. In addition to washing hands, utensils, vegetables and fruits as well as thawing modern cleaning products (if installed) is also engaged in grinding kitchen waste. In addition, modern sinks are often striking element of the kitchen interior that harmoniously combined with kitchen furniture. Buy comfortable, functional, stylish and reliable cleaning specialists will help you our online store.

Until a few decades ago to buy a sink for the kitchen could only standard rectangular or square shape without any frills. And all the products available on the market were made of cast iron coated with enamel. Today the situation has changed dramatically.

In our specialized web shop offers a large selection of small pedestal sinks of different shapes, colors and sizes, made from a variety of materials: ceramic (ceramic sink), granite (granite sinks for the kitchen), stainless steel. At the same time, even the simplest models refined and always have a hole to prevent water overflow and the mesh filter in the small pedestal sink to delay large debris. In addition, it is easy to clean and not afraid of exposure to high temperature or corrosive environments, resistant to mechanical damage and exposure to water.

What to look for when buying a kitchen sink

When choosing a sink for the kitchen should decide what the main thing is for you: high functionality and design features of the product. In any case, here you will find sanitary products in their financial capabilities.

To make the right purchase you will have to calculate the optimal size, choose the appropriate shape and determine the type of installation for future cleaning. Often, this device should be selected on the basis of the overall size of your kitchen and the location of the water supplies.

For a spacious kitchen, you can choose the most capacious small Pedestal Sink with two identical or different size cups (dirty and clean dishes) and long wing-dryer.

Also when choosing the form, washing should be noted that the rectangular and square patterns economical use space and round often look more attractive and unusual. Corner sink for the kitchen is not only efficient in its use position but also have a memorable appearance.

Tips from the experts

When choosing a kitchen small pedestal sink, you must also pay attention to the material of manufacture. The cheapest are washing kitchen with stainless steel (stainless steel). These products are an excellent job with their responsibilities and can come from almost any kitchen interior.



Select a old Pedestal Sink washbasin: practical tips


Manufacturers plumbing decided not to bother marketing research in order to produce the required number of wash basins on pedestals and without pedestals (console). They have simplified his task and began to produce shells and legs alone. Now the buyer decides he needs a pedestal sink to you like more suitable.

That’s just the buyer has become more difficult to determine the choice of plumbing. After all, choose a washbasin for bathroom is so easy, but there is also the right to seek his leg! But in fact, all is simple.

Why do you need a pedestal washbasin? First of all, for beauty! It is in this hidden water and sewer pipes. In addition, the sleek, slim pedestal itself looks more beautiful than the bulky cabinet. Even more with a old Pedestal Sink looks beautiful and harmonious than without it!

The second function of the legs is somewhat exaggerated. It is said that it supports the shell. In some cases, especially when the bowl is very large and heavy, so it is. But we should not exaggerate the possibility of a old Pedestal Sink. It is designed only for the weight sink, and a man to rely on such a design, you should not!

Hence an important conclusion: old Pedestal Sink for washstands must be chosen in the first place visually” beauty”. And of course, they have to fit all the pipes. But there is a caveat: foot should respond constructively to the bowl. All attachment (if any), depression, seizures and convexity must match. Otherwise, problems during installation can not be avoided washbasin.

The most convenient way to select leg of a lineup and the same manufacturer. Then you can not go wrong with either the design or the design features. For example, pedestal washbasin of any model, you can pick up. Having bought the whole kit from a company and from the same collection, you’ll be 100% sure that the products suit each other and you will not have any problems during installation.

If we have to pick up the cup and stem from different model series, please note the following:

Under the round pedestal washbasin approach. However, we should take into account the shape of the rest of the plumbing that is better to sink in harmony in form with toilet, bidet, bath and so on.

The height of the pedestal should be such that the sum with the cup shell 80-85 cm was obtained (this is usually 65-75 cm).

Ceramic pedestal suitable for ceramic bowls. But siphon cover can be made of stainless steel. Glass vials are typically taken also of steel legs.

Choose a large Pedestal Sink in the bathroom


If your apartment has not large bathroom, then certainly in the planning area should focus on two aspects:

  1. Make the most thoughtful and ergonomic layout.
  2. Visually expand the space of a bathroom. In order to successfully cope with the first task, you must correctly select the furniture and fixtures in the bathroom. And in order to become a complete picture, it is important to successfully pick up accessories and color scheme of the room.

An interesting trick to save space in a tiny bath is to purchase a corner sink. On the one hand the decision is the original and with another, it is practical. Large Pedestal Sink are easy to use, aesthetically attractive and occupy little space.

The use of large Pedestal Sink in the interior

Large Pedestal Sink as standard have a wide choice of styles, materials and colors, so can be used in any interior. The main difference from conventional models is an angular shape. All other details of the standard shells attachment, faucet, hoses and so on can be applied to a corner sink.

Depending on the type of corner, large Pedestal Sink are divided into:

  • Large Pedestal Sink with open bottom Most of these sinks are mounted to the wall and communication closed with special covers or nozzles, the material of which the customer can choose at will. Just tap the shell system can close the false wall or column.
  • Corner Washbasin with pedestal or in another way they are called tulip. Sink, as in the first case fixed to the wall and the leg has a decorative function by means of its closing water communication. In general, the composition resembles a flower hence the name appears. The only disadvantage of such a shell that it is not enough practical use of space. The area under the sink has not been able to use but the bathroom itself will look a little more spacious.
  • Corner sinks with cupboard. Perhaps the most practical option if you do not have enough storage space. Cupboard fitted with shelves or drawers which is convenient to store towels or household chemicals.